Investment Performance

Investment performance for accumulation accounts and pensions to 30 June 2016 are shown below. The latest investment returns are available on the Investment Performance page at



  • These returns are based on movements in unit prices and are net of asset-based fees and taxes.
  • Where a return is marked ‘N/A’, it’s because the option has existed for less than the relevant period.
  • The returns prior to 1 March 2009 are based on the returns of the most closely corresponding Stevedoring Employees Retirement Fund (SERF) or Seafarers Retirement Fund (SRF) investment option for the period:
    • Growth > SERF Growth
    • Balanced > SRF Balanced
    • Conservative > SERF Capital Stable
    • Cash Enhanced > SERF Capital Protected
  • Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.


For information on the allocation of investment returns and the monitoring of investment performance refer to Other investment information.